January 14, 2017

Aaron Aux

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Put your hands up for DNVR II

With 20+ Hip-Hop/EDM events alone going down in the DNVR area tonight, there's no reason to sit at home bored tonight. Once again, the Denver locals are out in full effect to help keep you moving and empty out your bank account. There's only a handful of quality headliners available tonight so get that ass to the dance floor for some local love. Your #DNVR locals roster for 3-25-2017 is: EDM Buddhakai | Asymptotic | Lithium

BTsunami | Cristal Aurelia | Jay Eric

Nick Synergy | Pointy Deity | Dj Delphi

Turbulent Turtle | Milky Dubz | Ǐņđøķŧ

Ind33p | Elemental Hero | FROZ+WR3CK

St8RazR | Sahra Dawn | G-Wiz

GODLAZER | Aphonix

Maddy O'Neal | PandaSayWhat?!

Earth Romper | Ohno_o | Low Frequency Output


Morf | Joof | Dr. Funkenstein | Blinking Planetary

InTheImage | Artifractal | Jang | Nicky Joonz

JoosBox | Art | Tree Sap | Recon | Dopel

Mister Smiley | Taylor Vaughn Doom | Immortek

MASSACREX | The Upgraddde | Tugboat | Bace Ventura

The Smiley Bros. (Wally Souza & Sean Radford) | CPTN

The Wub Foundation | Finesse | Halfrican

Aarbear | Colorado Cake | Duper | DJ Matt Kays

French Pressed | LER | MassTree

Döc | Goldyloxx | Jimeni | TwoScoops

Douglass | Licious | PK | Tony James Hip-Hop DE$RUDE | KASES | LIL BHRISSY & B2H | SIXXXD

SID & FUTURE HEROES | Connor Ray Annamalistiik | Greysea Recommendations: Adam Stark - Trance // Progressive // Cuddle-Puddle Music

A fixture in the #DNVR Trance scene, Adam is one top of his game right now. A purist of sorts, he beat matches the old school way, non-dependent on a controller. He's in tight with Beatport as well as the world famous Beta Nightclub, and has played every major venue in town. Slide through Vinyl tonight if you're a #trancehead. Shoebox - Drum & Bass // Filth // Pants-Shitter Beats

Denver DnB is still alive and kicking today very much because of this guy. He's been holding it down for years now in the scene as one of the driving forces of Recon DNB. A modern day renaissance man with countless projects to his name, his DnB sets should not be underestimated nor missed. Don't believe me? Head over to the Black Box... DJ Chonz - Hip Hop // R&B // Top 40 // Dance // Funk // Soul // Latin // BBoy Breaks

Chonz needs no introduction. As host of KS-1075's Radio Bums DJ Show since 2001, he's without question at the forefront of the DNVR Hip-Hop scene. Find out why he was the first to ever do live on-air cuts on the Denver radio waves. Bar Standard has him on deck tonight to rock the spot! Also:Grym, DJ Tanastadi, Already Sweaty, T-Wrecks, Late Night Radio, Phil Salvaggio (Pretty Lights), DJ A-L Best Headliners: CL Smooth, Jazzy-Jeff, Doctor P, Tritonal Also: Riot Ten, Uniiqu3, Chimpo, Sam Binga, Adair Best events: Life In Color - Denver, CL Smooth Unplugged at Ophelia's, Superstar Saturdays - DJ Jazzy-Jeff Best event to see locals: Beat Sniperz Productions Dj Competition